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Welcome to gear that would make Odin proud

Michael Ciochon

We would like to welcome you to, we started this brand because we wanted to make great looking gear that would hold up to the stress of training and look cool while doing it.  We often get asked where we came up with the name Asgard503.  The simple answer to that is to break our company name down into its two parts. 

  • First we start with "Asgard", many of you may recognize the name from the recent Marvel movies Thor and the latest Thor Ragnarok that were both  massive success in the box office.  We however did not get our name from such places, we go a bit deeper with our use of the name.  In norse mythology when a warrior would die in battle they would be blessed with a glorious afterlife in the halls of Valhalla where they would dine, drink and fight with their fallen ancestors.  The halls of Valhalla are located in the realm of Asgard on the 9 realms in norse mythology.  That is also where we get our tagline of "Victory of Valhalla", either you win the match, round, day, or you die a glorious death in metaphoric battle.
  • The second part of our name 503 comes from the area code of Portland Oregon where our company was originally founded and started and continues to call home.  Or owner trains at the local 10th Planet Portland Jiu Jitsu school and we sponsor many local athletes and events from the Portland area.

We thanks you for reading this blog entry and hope to keep up with these on a regular biases.  

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