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Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black - Collide

Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black - Collide

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Introducing the Asgard503 "Collide" Jiu-Jitsu Gi in striking black - a masterpiece designed for both competition and longevity. Crafted with the utmost precision, these LIMITED EDITION Gis combine feather-light agility with unparalleled robustness, ensuring they stand the test of time throughout your rigorous training journey. The 350gsm pearl weave top, reinforced with gussets in key stress zones, grants you the freedom to move fluidly, while the minimalist branding provides ample space for your gym's patches, delivering an authentic competition-ready appearance. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity, as the "Collide" Gi is a one-time creation, never to be replicated again.


  • 350 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket: The lightweight yet sturdy jacket offers a perfect balance between agility and durability, enhancing your performance on the mats.
  • Reinforced Stress Points: Experience heightened resilience with strategically reinforced stress points, elevating the Gi's strength where it matters most.
  • Modern Rounded Hem: The jacket's rounded bottom hem not only offers a contemporary look but also ensures you're at the forefront of both style and function.
  • Durable Ripstop Pants: The 10oz ripstop pants, coupled with a reliable drawcord, guarantee lasting wear and a secure fit during intense training sessions.
  • Gusseted Crotch: Enjoy unrestricted movement thanks to the thoughtfully designed gusseted crotch, empowering you to execute techniques with precision.
  • Limited Quantities: Act swiftly to secure your "Collide" Gi, as this exclusive collection is available in limited quantities only.

Elevate your Jiu-Jitsu game with the Asgard503 "Collide" Gi - a fusion of cutting-edge design and unparalleled durability. Don't let this opportunity slip away. Seize the moment and make the "Collide" Gi an integral part of your training arsenal.

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